Name: Nik Hewitt
Location: Makeney, Belper, Derbyshire, UK
Bio: Work in virtual worlds (esp.SL). I make movies & machinima & worked for a long time in film, web & TV. I drink a lot of coffee.


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techcrunchtechcrunch on 28-02-2008 20:16 from atherton, ca, usa from web
Heather's niece and nephew love techcrunch

commentI will be very happy to read your reply at ( - anitababy36 on 26-06-2012 16:06

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lactoselactose on 24-02-2008 17:45 from birmingham, birmingham, b1 2, uk from web
There it is, back of the head. Excellent.

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lactoselactose on 23-02-2008 14:55 from makeney, belper, derbyshire, uk from web
Tempted to a 1/4 of something from the Belper sweet shop. Decisions, decisions...

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