Name: David
Location: Madrid, España
Bio: I work at Fon. I will try not to post things about my job. Non job: www.myspace.com/ososxe www.insidemehc.com


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ososxeososxe on 03-09-2009 22:54 from Madrid, España from mobile
Twitxr needs an android client...

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ososxeososxe on 06-08-2009 15:32 from Madrid, España from web
Twitter lleva caido un buen rato

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ososxeososxe on 18-07-2009 13:24 from Botikazar Erribera, 24-26, 48014, Bilbao, Spain from wmTwitxr
este coche hace daño a la vista. literalmente.

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